Debt Collection

Doyle Fox & Associates has a dedicated Debt Collection Department, providing you with a professional yet cost effective service. We deal with debt collection matters covering all three court jurisdictions, sums from as little as €300 upwards. The debt collection process comprises of four steps:

  1. Issue Demand – Sending initial letter(s) to the debtor, warning of imminent legal proceedings if payment is not received promptly.
  2. Issue Proceedings – Should payment not be forthcoming, proceedings are issued in the relevant jurisdiction (District, Circuit, High), depending on the size of the debt.
  3. Obtaining Judgment – If the debtor does not respond, judgment will be sought against them.
  4. Enforcement of Judgment – Judgments may be enforced in numerous ways, and here at Doyle Fox & Associates, we tailor the method to suit the client’s specific requirements.

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