Wills & Probate Services

The importance of making a Will is not to be underestimated. If you fail to make a Will, Intestacy rules apply, which may mean, your assets not being distributed as you would have wished.

We, at Doyle Fox & Associates, can offer you a confidential and personal Will drafting service. We will advise you regarding the necessity or otherwise for Executors, Guardians and Trustees, as well as the powers and responsibilities of these functions.

We will draft each clause of your will with definite purpose in mind, ensuring that your wishes are paramount at all times.

Every Will should be completed having due regard to Taxation and Family Law matters and Doyle Fox & Associates can give you the benefit of many years of experience in these areas. In particular Peter Doyle has been a practicing family solicitor for many years.

Doyle Fox & Associates will help you prepare your Will in an experienced and professional matter and we can offer home visits where required.

We provide a service to those who have been named Executors in another person’s Will, assisting them to extract Grant of Probate, or where there is no Will, to take out Letters of Administration.

Your consultation with Doyle Fox & Associates, will provide you with a full understanding of all the relevant procedures.

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