Mediation is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution. A mediated agreement is an alternative to court proceedings, where the parties can come to an informed mutually acceptable agreement

Mediation lends itself to almost every type of dispute, employment, contractual and family. It offers participants the opportunity to negotiate their own settlement which may be more flexible than any court judgment, allowing the parties to continue their commercial, employment or family relationships into the future

Mediation is a confidential process and non-adversarial in style. It is driven by the parties and undertaken in good faith as a means of resolving their differences.

The Mediator’s role is to be impartial, to listen and help both parties identify the underlying causes of their conflict, to seek out and establish areas of common ground and help them explore all the possibilities available, in the hope of reaching a settlement.

Mediation sessions are non-binding, and without prejudice. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

While the process is aimed toward achieving agreement, not every dispute can be resolved in this manner and the parties are at liberty to proceed with the legal process if they cannot reach agreement through mediation.

Peter Doyle is an accredited Family and Civil Mediator, he has 11 years experience helping divorcing and separating couples, resolve their issues and come to mutually acceptable and workable agreements on financial matters and issues regarding the children.

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